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Oct 23, 2011 4:14pm EDT
. that is our cost. it does not include the justice department costs. congress gives us the ability to finance removal of 400,000 people year. we can just removed anybody without any priorities, and that would be one way to do it. or the other way, the better way, and probably the way you ran your office when you were a prosecutor is to say we want to focus on expediting the removal of those who are criminals, those who are fugitives, of those who are repeat violators, entrants, meaning within five years, into the united states. what you are now seeing is that of the numbers reflect those priorities. >> well, you have a problem with more rale and i am confident -- i think the officers feel like you spend more time talking with the activist groups then the officers themselves and drafting guidelines to help them do their job. thank you, mr. chairman. sorry to run over. >> senator coons? >> thank you, madame secretary, for your testimony in front of this committee, for your one leadership of this remarkably far-flung and brought agency. in difficult times it is a fellow german scholar to do well
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1